Meet The Team

Black Gay Weddings

Editorial & Submissions Team


Lawrence Broughton

CEO / Editor In Chief

As CEO of Broughton Media Group LLC, Lawrence has over 35 years of graphic design, web design and video production experience. He has a Masters in Human Resources, a Masters in Public Administration and a Masters in Digital Journalism. His creative vision is the driving force behind all BGW initiatives.


Michael Broughton

COO / Director of Social Media

Michael McCulley Broughton is co-founder of Black Gay Weddings and Broughton Media Group LLC. Michael is a highly sought after florist, an Event Planner and a nationally licensed Mortician and Funeral Director. He also leads the Social Media Team at BGW.


Dewayne Queen

Creative Director

With over 25 years of experience in entertainment and production, it’s only natural that Dewayne’s name is attached to major events such as The Essence Music Festival and Jazz Fest. Dewayne is committed and dedicated to giving a creative platform and voice to the LGBTQIA+ communities and their Allies.


Jared Sampson

Public Affairs Director

Jared has nearly 20 years of marketing and promotions experience and has a Masters of Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing. His experience includes working with brands such as The Walt Disney Company and NFL. 


Aabid Khan

Merchandising Director

With skills earned from years of experience and a sharp editing eye, Aabid Khan brings a unique sense of direction to the table. With experience in fashion, jewelry and accessory design as well as styling and merchandising, he is excited to be part of this groundbreaking team.


Biron Pickens

Diversity & Inclusion Director

With Employee Experience management and Change Leadership experience, there is no doubt that Biron was the right pick for the Director of Diversty and Inclusion position at BGW. Having studied at University of Chicago and at Southern Methodist University, Biron brings a unique and acute perspective to the position.


Bryan Delgado

Graphic Design Manager

Bryan has worked as a graphic designer for brands such as Cadillac, Blue Marble Cocktails, Beats by Dre, and other international companies. From product renders to print/marketing copy, his work on campaigns in various design teams gives him a unique perspective on forward-thinking concepts.


Umang Sharma

E-Business Manager

A graduate in Computer Science from RTU, India. Umang has around six years experience in the IT industry that includes Website development, Online Shop development, Technology selection, Project management. He brings a wealth of experience to the BGW Team.


Nehru Harper

Online Media Engagement Manager

As a longtime member and advocate for the LGBTQIA+ community, Nehru brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the BGW Team. He has a personal commitment to ensuring the entire community has a voice.


Lashawndra Broughton



Dan James


Dan has over 30 years of experience in IT and Business Administration and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems along with several professional certifications. His passion for writing and his attention to detail will contribute significantly to BGW’s vision.


Cogan Gray


Cogan Gray has over 20 years of writing and communications experience. With a BA in Public Relations and Marketing, she is looking forward to putting her expertise, knowledge and experience to use and is excited to share her creativity as an Ally and advocate. 


David Singletary

Travel Editor

David Singletary is one half of the couple who created the YouTube channel, BoosCruize; a travel vlog dedicated to showcasing the most inclusive and LGBTQIA+ destinations in the world. Since its inception in 2016, the couple have travelled extensively to bring their viewers a refreshing take on travel.


Jarell DuBose

Travel Editor

The other half of the couple and co-creator of the YouTube channel BoosCruize; Jarell DuBose contributes a unique perspective on LGBTQIA+ travel and vacation lifestyle. Since 2016, Jarell and his fiancé’s in depth vlogs have allowed their viewers to feel as if they’re traveling alongside them to some of the most inclusive and LGBTQIA+ friendly destinations around the world.


Bobby Emery

Travel Editor

With over 30 years of world travel Bobby has mastered traveling as Queer LGBT traveler . Traveling for work , solo or with his Husband he has you covered when it comes to Gay travel. Bobby documents all his travel on his YouTube channel SKYBOBBY TV and he’s always looking for the next adventure.


Ramiro Namora

Portuguese Editor

Ramiro has 24 years of experience in the hotel and hospitality industry and hopes to contribute significantly to the review of submissions from our wonderful grooms in South America. Ramiro is originally from Madeira, Portugal.


Dorothy Moon

Merchandising Coordinator

Dorothy Moon has over 5 years of experience in social media marketing. From bars and restaurants to clothing brands, any business can easily benefit from her sharp eye and keen sense of style and story. We’re excited to see her social media and marketing skills in action!


Kimberly Jones-Williams

Vendor Services Advisor

Regarded as one of the best event planners and producers in the industry, Kimberly “Kim” Jones-Williams of NOLA Event Planners is known for excellence. Her unique eye and inclusivity makes her one of the most sought out event creators in the biz. Her experience, expertise and high profile network make her an important part of the BGW Family!


Bron Hansboro

Vendor Services Advisor

Bron is the chief creative at The Flower Guy Bron.  A master of the art of floristry and self described as a modern day renaissance man, his work with flowers is organic and his most natural expression. His simple principle is, “Be your best self” and he encourage others in the community to join him.


Marion Adele Marshall

Vendor Services Advisor

With over 30 years of event experience, a robust fashion design background and 17 years as the owner of AbsolutelyBlooming!, you can say Marion has perfected the art of celebration. She is a mentor and leader to creatives in the Black and LGBTQIA+ community and and we’re glad she’s part of BGW.

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